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Frequently asked Questions

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This is the application of gaming designs and mechanics into a non-game context. For instance, taking an application, a website, or an online community, and integrating gaming mechanics into it. It’s that simple

Ok, assuming you have a mobile banking app, that users only access when they want to do a transaction, with Kodobe, you can get your customers to come back to launch and use your app which in turn could drive your revenue.

For your brand to attract your target audience, you need to grab their attention and gamification is a great way to do so. Attention is gradually becoming a scarce commodity. By creating a more engaging experience, your customers will spend more time on your brand and most likely return for more.

Gamification is not necessarily a game in its entirety. It is a user-focused design that embraces gaming mechanics. It’s about providing the user with a reason to engage.

Yes. Integrating gaming mechanics motivates engagement, participation, and loyalty.

Gaming mechanics refer to things like leaderboards, points, ranks/levels, achievements, badges, rewards, notifications, and so much more.

There is a connection between behaviour and engagement, which in turn connects to a person’s interest and attention level. When a person spends more time on an activity, they tend to become invested over time. This provides an opportunity for monetization, increased brand awareness, and loyalty.

Absolutely! Gamification helps increase engagement levels. Ultimately, engaged users tend to stick around much longer.

Gamification is a very powerful tool when used correctly and it can be used for a variety of purposes especially to stimulate and encourage specific behaviours. It can be used to improve productivity in any context, enhance learning, encourage purchase, and reinforce positive behaviours.

Not really. You can gamify just about anything – learning, marketing, shopping, training, financial services, to mention but a few. Many successful brands have leveraged the power of gamification.