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Our goal is to help Brands convert their audience into valuable customers

The Problem We Solve.

Kodobe helps you save time and engineering efforts with your customer engagement initiatives. Our gamified customer engagement & loyalty platform is designed to help you Improve customer engagement and retention.

Our Mission.

To help businesses grow their customers and revenue by keeping their customers engaged with gamification technology that delivers entertainment, fun, and rewards that are personalized to customers.

Our Vision.

To connect businesses to their people. To help them grow whilst keeping their customers engaged. Our vision is to create a DIY solution that businesses can use to engage and retain their customers.

Meet The Team

We went to the nook and crannies of the world to fish out some of the most talented people. Meet our incredible team of gaming alphas. Think you can take any of them on? Let’s see you try!

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Fikayo Otun

Chief Executive Officer

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Tofunmi Samuel

Chief Technology Officer

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Akinwonmi Michael

Engineering Lead

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Femi Odejide

Product Design Lead

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Ayotunde Paul

DevOps Engineer

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Olushola Benedict

Senior Software Engineer

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Isaiah Osei-Mensah

Software Engineer

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Bernardine Eze

Software Engineer